Ten years ago, we picked up the art of building something with minimalistic means, mainly volunteering at the Banja Luka Climbing Club Extreme. Throughout this time, we have been driven by the joy to explore the many wild landscapes and devoted much of our energy to the development of a dozen climbing crags with a few hundred routes in north-western BiH.

As much as generating climbing infrastructure, we have been working on strengthening an interdependent outdoor community through local and international events and the promotion of outdoor sports in local media and international climbing channels.

We founded this organization, because after many years of experience in this field, we feel ready to make a commitment for the careful development and protection of some of the last wild places in Europe. Our vision is to take an active part in the expansion of sustainable outdoor recreation in the region, which will benefit the local communities in a number of aspects.

We are aiming for a win-win perspective by not only creating possibilities for practicing a healthy outdoor lifestyle in the region, but also to have a positive impact on local communities by contributing a financial perspective and regional development such as the renewal of villages and stronger connections.

Through our work we want to share the beauty and privacy of the natural jewels and historical heritage of this region with an international community of outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for fresh experiences and positive surprises. This region is known for its impressive hospitality which tends to foster some unforgettable memories and lasting impressions, so guests are likely to become returning visitors and friends.

Team members

David Lemmerer

David has been a regular in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2009. Fascinated by the small country and it’s climbing scene, he has been an avid ambassador of Bosnia & Herzegovina in Western Europe through media work, photography and as an event organizer.

On a bicycle exploration climbing trip in 2011, I was immediately overwhelmed by the culture, hospitality, natural beauty and massive rock potential. I become very close friends with climbers from Banja Luka and Sarajevo. Coming from a very privileged country with an almost overdeveloped climbing and outdoor culture, the Bosnian climbers DIY spirit, black humour and can-do mentality inspired me so much, that since then most of my holidays I spent in BiH: climbing, bolting, exploring, travelling. It was only consequent that in 2015/16 I spent an EVS voluntary year at the Climbing Club Extreme in Banja Luka, which was an unforgettable time and a huge learning opportunity for me as a climber, bolter, organizer and as a person. Even though I clearly consider myself “Yugophile” I feel it’s important to not fall into the trap of romanticizing any of the very real, existential challenges people are facing. At the same time, it is important to acknowledge the huge potentials and to try to use them to work on a positive change together. In this sense, my time in BiH highlighted to me the power of the motto: “Start where you are, use what you have and do what you can”!

David has a Masters degree in Social Work with a background in Urban Studies, community organizing and bicycle advocacy. Currently he works and lives in Vienna as a social worker and sociologist in the field of urban development and neighbourhood work.

Igor Vukić

Igor became an active member of the Banja Luka “Climbing Club Extreme” in 2004 and shortly after becoming a member, he took the initiative to work with media, fundraise and to find sponsors for the club. He has led numerous projects and puts a strong focus on helping to expand climbing areas all over BiH and connect climbers through various interethnic projects.

He participated in the organisation of international work camps, climbing festivals, competitions and various seminars and workshops, established many outdoor climbing routes and held workshops on writing project proposals. He was the project manager on few big projects: “Highland Heritage”, “The Outdoor Connection”, “Hello Neighbour” and the construction of the first climbing gym in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Igor holds a Masters degree in Economics and Finance and has been working in finance for a few years. Currently, he works as a web developer and project manager.