‼️`BiH Climbing Fusion’ project

2020 – Gamechanger in all aspects! ? This is BiH’s (Bosnia and Herzegovina) biggest Climbing community project so far – coming to a climbing crag near you, from August 2020.

We will need your help! ?‍♂️ Please? our page to stay updated. We will soon publish:

? Calls for local bolting actions
? Teasers of new Rocks
? Project updates
? Instructables on bolting & trailbuilding
.. and much more ..

Now for the project:

? Climbing in BiH is unique – Compared with any other country a Bosnian climber probably has the highest number of bolts per Climber capita and some of the newest and best Climbing areas in Europe – yet 99% of the time you won’t meet any other climbers..

?‍♀️ Rock climbing has a long tradition in Bosnia and Herzegovina. A tradition which was almost extinguished in the 1990ies.

? But especially in the last 5 years there was a real sport climbing boom – 70% of todays existing 1500 routes were bolted in this period and a new small climbing generation is taking over the drill, exploring and bolting new places.

? However for the number of excellent places which are well marked, have a good approach, are well bolted on solid rock with a high density of routes – there are equally many places which are remote, undocumented, scattered all over the country with just a handful of routes, are hard to find, have old corroded bolts or might have a garbage problem.

⚛️ „A Fusion, or synthesis, is the process of combining two or more distinct entities into a new whole.“

This new Balkan Colours project ‘BiH Climbing Fusion’ with our partner MarketMakers (a project supported by the Government of Switzerland) will fuse the existing elements and transform the status quo – in terms of usability for local climbers and tourists, more recognition for climbing as a sport and stronger economic benefits for local communities.

We will :

? 1. Evaluate

We will reflect the status quo – Since we published the first Sport climbing guide for BiH in 2018, the accessibility of all climbing area has improved and a small climbing tourism is noticeable. We will look into the usability of Crags and the impact of a potential increase of climbers on neighbouring communities.

? 2. Standardize

? A handbook for the Gold standard of sustainable Climbing Crag development and bolting will be published in the languages of the people of BiH.

3. Upgrade Infrastructure

? The Existing infrastructure (trails, markations) will be upgraded in 10 selected areas, in addition to new info- and educational tables.

? 75 new routes will be bolted to increase the density of routes in existing crags with a handful of routes and to expand to new regions which have few or no Climbing so far.

? 1 Climbing area will be completely rebolted with 12mm Inox material.

⛺️ 4. Promote Climbing tourism

? A multilanguage Climbing magazine will be launched covering all 4 climbing regions (Krajina, Central BiH, Sarajevo and the East, Hercegovina) and distributed for free internationally.

? A Videoseries will be launched to promote the touristic value of BiH climbing both regionally and throughout Europe.

This project is funded by the Embassy of Switzerland in Bosnia and Herzegovina throughout MarketMakers, a project supported by the Government of Switzerland, implemented by a consortium of Helvetas Schweiz and Kolektiv / Posao.ba.

Photo credits Momir Zubovic Zuba

In this final Local action in Glamoč action we upgraded the trail between the remains of the 14th century Fortress above the city and Busija lake which is hidden deeply in the forest. We were hosted by our local guides Marija Marković, Mirko Ubović and Sinisa Solak with a crew of helpers from Glamoč, Drvar and Banja Luka.
After an introduction on the rich history of cultural artefacts of Glamoč by our local guide and historian Sinisa Šolak, we went and renewed the trail markations and planted a few surprises on the trail between the old Austrohungarian hospital and the lake. Look for yourself! Perfect for a hot summer day.
Big thanks again to our hosts, all the volunteers who helped carrying the equipment, painting, boosted the good mood and the United States Embassy to Bosnia and Herzegovina who supported the project.
? David Lemmerer / Balkan Colours
Tokom naše posljednje akcije u Glamoču obnovili smo markaciju pješačke staze od ostataka tvrđave iz 14-og vijeka do jezera Busija koje je sakriveno u unutrašnjosti prelijepe četinarske šume. Akciju su predvodili lokalni vodiči Marija Marković, Mirko Ubović i Siniša Šolak, kojima su se pridružili volonteri iz Glamoča, Drvara i Banja Luke.
Nakon kratkog uvoda u bogatu istoriju ovoga kraja, započeli smo obnavljanje planinarske markacije. Takođe smo postavili nekoliko iznenađenja za posjetioce staza na potezu od stare Austrougarske bolnice i jezera. Pogledajte o kojima se iznenađenjima radi. Ovo je bio uistinu savršen ljetnji dan.
Još jednom veliko hvala našim domaćinima, svim volonterima koji su pomogli sa nošenjem opreme, farbanjem i održavanjem dobrog raspoloženja. Realizacija ovog projekta ne bi bila moguća bez podrške Ambasade Sjedinjenih Američkih Država u Bosni i Hercegovini.

Last weekend we went to Drvar to finalize the touristic infrastructure improvements as part of our „Highland heritage“ project in 4 locations in Kanton 10. In this final action with our Drvar guides Lazar Mihajlovic and Milutin Maksić we were joined by a supermotivated crew of helpers from Drvar and Banja Luka. We renewed the markations and extended the trail from Bastašica spring to a fantastic viewpoint. It is located high up on a platform in the middle of the huge cliffs above the spring. A highlight are definitely the benches we put up there, in this spectacular location. We’re happy with the results, check it out for yourself.

Big thanks to all the volunteers who did a great job and the United States Embassy to Bosnia and Herzegovina who supported the project.

Lokalna volonterska akciju u Drvaru

Prošli vikend smo posjetili Drvar kako bismo unaprijedili turističku infrastrukturu u sklopu našeg projekta „Highland heritage“ koji se odvija na 4 lokacije u Kantonu 10. Akcija je predvođena lokalnim vodičima Lazar Mihajlovic i Milutin Maksić kojim se pridružila super motivisana ekipa volontera iz Drvara i Banja Luke. Obnovili smo postojeću planinarsku markaciju i produžili stazu od izvora Bastašica do vidikovca pod orlovim gnijezdom – platforma ispod ogromnih stijena. Glavna atrakcija su sto i klupe na krajnje neobičnoj lokaciji. Mi smo zaista prezadovoljni rezultatima, pogledajte i ocjenite sami.

Veliko hvala svim volonterima koji su uradili sjajan posao, takođe veliko hvala Ambasadi Sjedinjenih Američkih Država u BiH koja je podržala projekat.

⛰️⛏️?‍♀️ Want to help create Bosnia Herzegovinas biggest climbing area or watch the highliners walk 300m above the Kanjon Tijesno?

Join us in September: wwww.drillandchillfestival.com

Drvar, Bosansko Grahovo, Glamoč & Livno – Bosnia and Herzegovina –

This extremely underrated region is a unique natural jewel: Europes two biggest karst fields are surrounded by a diverse mountain wilderness. It’s people are immensely hospitable and have been living with this land for millenia, which is manifested in many local cultural monuments.

On the other hand it’s sad to witness that people are leaving, fighting for economic survival and are regionally divided after the war. There are few opportunities for change and discrimination is still happening.

This project uses ecotouristic tours to contribute one small step forward that can have a positive impact on the lifelihood of guides, businesses, homestays, etc. And these tours shall also be a success story to promote sustainable regional development and create new cooperations between divided communities.

The activities are currently ongoing and will conclude in November:

Activity 1. | Forming local teams in 4 cities and basic training: 4 teams of youngsters from each city are formed. They take part in workshops on digital marketing, touristic guiding and antidiscrimination awareness.

Activity 2. | Meetup of all teams and experience sharing: A big meetup in Bihać is hosted by one of the young local tourism entrepreneurs. It is followed by rafting at Una river and a tolerance workshop.

Activity 3. | Touristic weekend tours trial:
Weekend tour trials are organized by each team in their hometowns to host and guide the other teams. This is an excellent opportunity for the youngsters to get to know each other better, but also to test and improve their tour offers and their guiding skills.

Activity 4. | Karst highland adventures: The participants are assisting with the creation of a touristic campaign. The resulting tours are from the project are will be promoted using Balkan Colours as well as the participating organizations networks and media channels.

This project is made possible the by United States Embassy to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

All fotos by David Lemmerer, Igor Vukic/Balkan Colours unless stated otherwise
Projekat “Nasljeđe planinskog krajolika“ je razvojni eko-turistički projekat koji realizujemo sa mladima Drvara, Bosanskog Grahova, Glamoča i Livna.

Ovaj veoma podcjenjeni region predstavlja jedinstveni prirodni dragulj koji sadrži dva najveća evropska kraška polja okružena planinama i isonskom divljinom. Ljudi ovih krajeva su neizmjerno gostoprimljivi i živjeli su na ovim prostorima vjekovima što je rezultovalo brojnim spomenicima kulture.

Sa druge strane tužno je vidjeti kako danas mladi ljudi odlaze, bore se za opstanak i kako još uvijek postoje određene podjele iz ratnih vremena. Nema tako puno prilika za promjenu i diskriminacija nije neobičajna.

Ovaj projekat će uz pomoć eko-turističkih tura dati mali doprinos poboljšanju života lokalnih vodiča, biznisa, domaćinstava, itd. Ove ture bi takođe trebale da budu uspješni primjeri koji će promovisati održivi razvoj regiona i koje će kreirati nove kooperacije između podjeljenih zajednica.

Aktivnosti koje se trenutno sprovode i koje će biti završene do kraja novembra:
Aktivnost 1. | Formiranje lokalnih timova u 4 grada i osnovni trening: Formiranje 4 tima mladih u svakom od gradova i organizovanje radionica digitalnog marketinga, osnova vođenja turističkih tura i radionica tolerancije.

Aktivnost 2. | Okupljanje ekipa i dijeljenje iskustava: Veliko okupljanje svih timova u Bihaću gdje će jedan od lokalnih mladih turističkih preduzetnika da podijeli svoje iskustvo sa učesnicima. Pored toga održaće se radionica tolerancije i rafting na Uni.

Aktivnost 3. | Proba turističkih tura: Proba turističkih tura je organizovana od strane lokalnih timova. Ovo je odlična prilika da se mladi bolje upoznaju, ali i da probaju i unaprijede ture i svoje vještine vođenja.

Aktivnost 4. | Avanture planinskog krajolika:
Učenici će pomoći kreiranje turističke kampanje. Novokreirane ture će biti promovisane putem kanala Balkan Colours ali i putem organizacija učenica i drugih medijski kanala.

Projekat je podržan od strane United States Embassy to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This new Balkan Colours project in Kanton 10 (Western Bosnia and Herzegovina) focuses on the spectacular geography and heritage of the highlands to re-establish connections between young citizens from the 4 cities Drvar, Grahovo, Glamoc and Livno by developing outdoor tours together.

More info soon!
Project funded by the Embassy of the United States, Sarajevo
Nasljeđe planinskog krajolika –

Novi projekat Boja Balkana koji se realizuje u Kantonu 10 (zapadna Bosna i Hercegovina) a koji koristi spektakularne pejsaže i nasljeđe ovih planinskih krajeva kako bi putem kreiranja turističkih tura povezao mlade Drvara, Bosanskog Grahova, Glamoča i Livna.

Uskoro više informacija!
Projekat podržan od Ambasade Sjedinjenih Američkih Država