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We’ll restore the ecosystem of climbing areas & minimize climbers ecological impact:
?Planting 1000 trees
? Bird protection system
♻️ Garbage collection action
? Building & marking trails to combat erosion

Project description:

The project is about restoring Climbing areas in Bosnia & Herzegovina and minimizing the ecological impact of climbing

Project description:

Krajina area is home to a rich collection of different ecosystems such as canyons, valleys, hills, mountains, meadows, rocky cliffs etc.

The main focus of the project is the climbing sites which are threatened by increasing number of visits by climbers following the publishing of a local climbing guidebook. Lack of paths and access to crags has led to destruction of habitat, including the removal of trees, moving of boulders, damage to the fragile vegetation and nesting birds on the rock faces, lack of designated BBQ and open fire areas which has led to uncontrolled wildfire and the leaving of litter, much of it plastic.

Working with local climbing groups and other visitors, this project aims to educate visitors and locals about their behaviour in the wild, and to protect wildlife through the installation of signs to inform climbers to avoid nesting birds, planting 1000 trees, collecting the trash along 15km of approach path, and developing more obvious, fixed trails.

? Leon Buchholz